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Award Winning Resumes!

Today's resume needs to shout your achievements, exuding professionalism and inviting interviews. 

Marketing you is our specialty!


Not confident your resume is shouting your achievements? Does it stand out, making employers want to read on, inviting interviews and exuding professionalism or does it blend into the resume pile? Today's resume needs to be a purposely designed marketing document with you as the product. Career Edge are experts in marketing you.

Our Resume Writing Process

As you are the product we spend time getting to know you. Our personalised resume writing process includes one-to-one consultations in which we familiarise ourselves with your career ambitions and ensure that your resume is targeted to your desired area.

"Jack of all trades - master of none" is a common cause of resume failure for applicants trying to be everything at once. We tailor your resume so that when an employer reads it "it feels as if it was written for them", and we can adjust your resume to fit as many industries as needed. Our Resume Writing Team get results.

But can our Resume Writing Team help you?

We have developed customised resumes for clients at all levels from almost every field. Our resume writing research process ensures we remain up-to-date with contemporary industry practices in your field and can market you effectively.

International Resumes

Our resumes are designed in line with international best practice and each country's unique resume expectations. London, Dubai, America, or Europe - we can help ensure your resume is designed to sell you.

Our Process

A good resume needs good content and to do that we need to get to know you. Through our detailed data collection consultation we ask the questions that ensures your resume sells you effectively and accurately. Concerned about needing to visit our office - don't be! Whilst we have an office located in Brisbane, we assist clients all over the world and our resume writing processes are set up so that you can complete the whole process from the convenience of your own home or office.  

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"...Wow! Now I know why it was a good idea to get this done professionally. I could not have got to this myself. I’m impressed that it’s factual and straight forward, which is the way I like to work. "

JG, Senior Executive

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- 2008 Toast of the Resume Awards

- Current finalist 2009 TORI Awards



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