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Interview with Confidence!

Job interview coming up?  Not sure what to expect? Want to make a strong and memorable impression?

Let one of Australia's leading interview coaches help.


Interview Coaching

Today's interviews are tougher than ever with employers drawing upon more rigorous techniques to ensure they choose the best candidate for the role. Assessment Centres, Panel Interviews and Situational Interviewing are commonplace and often highly daunting for applicants.

So how can you prepare for these contemporary interview forums and enter the interview process with confidence? We can help!

Our Interview Training & Coaching Process

Career Edge offers highly practical interview training through our unique coaching clinic. Working one-to-one with an Interview Coach who coaches leading corporate clients on interview techniques and selection, our interview coaching and training sessions are designed to give you an inside look at the other side of the desk. Find out first hand how to present yourself and frame your answers for maximum scores and impact.

Our Interview Training Program

Our interview training programme includes:

  • What to expect in today's interview
  • How to manage nerves
  • Interview preparation essentials
  • How to recover from an interview stumble
  • Handling a panel interview
  • How responses are assessed and scored
  • Interview Simulation & Practice
  • Closing with Impact
  • Follow up Strategies

Click here to talk with our interview coach today on how we can help you to succeed in the interview forum.

Our Interview Coaching & Training Credentials

Having coached HR staff within many of Australia's leading companies across all sectors, Adrian Kelly knows what employers want during an interview and uses this knowledge to assist individuals to meet these needs.

His understanding of scoring systems and the way today's interview systems are designed, makes his advice invaluable to anyone wanting to hone their performance at interview. He is als a professional member of the CDAA and a fully accredited facilitator with Dimensions Development International (DDI), pioneers in the field of behavioural interviewing, and developers of Targeted Selection ®, recognised as the leading behaviour-based interviewing program. 


"I feel like a different person - much more confident going to interviews. I had an interview today and I think I did really well. They started the interview by explaining the format they wanted the answers in and it was exactly what we worked through, so I was able to do exactly what we practiced. I now understand what employers are looking for when they ask those difficult questions and can now answer them with confidence. "



I just wanted to email you to let you know I got the job that I told you about. I am soooo happy, the job is worth (omitted) plus super. I was so shocked. I believe if I didn't have the interview coaching I wouldn't have got the job.



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