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Fresh Career Directions

Sick of your job? Need to find a new direction. Finished school and not sure what next? We can help!

Why stay stuck when you don't need to. Take action today!

Career Direction and Strategy

Dreading Monday's in your current job? Yearning for fresh directions? Just needing a change?

Career Edge provides highly personalised one-on-one career transition support that enables people to explore new career pathways and repackage themselves to  make a successful transition to the next stage of their career.

Gone are the days of one career path for life. Today people make multiple changes in their career as their life path changes. Don't get stuck in a rut.  Whether you a school leaver trying to weigh up career options or a senior executive looking for a sea change. We can help.

How We Help

Before you can find new career directions that are meaningful and satisfying, it's important that you really understand just what makes you 'tick'.  Just because you are good at something doesn't mean you'll like it, and conversely just because you like something doesn't make you good at it.

To find new career directions that will be both rewarding and sustainable it's important to explore all aspects of your personal make up including your interests, skills and aptitudes, personality and work preferences.

Through our comprehensive career assessment tools we gather and use this information to build a profile of you and to generate a list of relevant occupations most suited to your unique personality, interests and skills. With this in hand we can then work with you to explore these options and develop a strategy to turn possibilities into reality. 

Our Process

Our process begins with a link to our online career assessment tool. Using this link you will be guided through a detailed questionaire that gathers information on educational and occupational choices, perferences for particular job duties, aptitudes and achievment in various areas, and preferences for particular qualities of the work environment.

Following completion of this assessment we will then book a time for a 1 hour coaching and feedback session in which we provide you with a detailed but easy to read personal profile and occupational list. This information will be explored in detail during the session with you and the implications for future career pathways.

Investment: $399 + GST for 1 hour coachng plus assessment tool and detailed report

Career Strategy and Action Plans 

For those wanting to take the next step in following their new career dreams and directions we also offer 1 hour coaching sessions on career strategy and action planning. Learn how to turn possibility into reality through insights into the hidden job market, information on innovative ways to find new job opportunities and tools to keep yourself on track and accountable.

Investment $220 + GST for a 60 minute coaching session   


"...After accepting a redundancy, Career Edge worked with me to identify career pathways suitable to my interests and skills while positioning me as a leading candidate for senior roles. I was offered two positions within six weeks and haven't looked back. "

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Outplacement Support

Need assistance with finding new career directions after redundancy. We also offer outplacement services through Outplacement Australia. Ask us how we can assist you today!

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